Meet Andrew & Brenton

We’re just a couple of mates who care about the way we (and other guys) feel in our clothes. Whilst we represent different numbers on the size chart, we understand the impact a swing tag can have on our sense of self. 

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Our Story

Growing up together, Andrew and I spent hours doing the rounds of shopping centres. Boost Juice in one hand, Nokia 3310 in the other, we were pimply pre-teens on a mission to do what every guy was trying to do: look effortlessly cool. I bet you’re wondering where the problem is right now. Well, here it is.

Now, I think Andrew’s a pretty cool guy. I mean, I’ve stuck by him for the better half of my life. But despite being above average in my books, he’s pretty much been an average sized human since puberty. Me, on the other hand, I’ve always been, well… bigger.

So, while he was flicking through the regular sized racks, I was stuck scrounging clearance racks or digging through dark back corners of the store to try to find something bigger than a 2XL.

Call me vain, but even as a teen I wanted to be able to wear the same things as my mates wore. I wanted to pull a shirt from my wardrobe and know I could wear it over and over again, and feel great every time I had it on. I still want that. And it still doesn’t exist. So, we created it.


    At AXB The Label, we believe everyone deserves access to our premium, timeless pieces and our commitment to providing that to our community underpins everything we do. That is why our styles are stocked in as broad a size range as possible: XS-5XL. On the same rack, for the same price. And if we don’t have it, we invite you to contact us so we can get it in for you!


    We’re in this biz because we genuinely care about offering larger men an inclusive and accessible wardrobe alternative to the current options in the market. We’re not in business for our ‘viral moment’, we’re in it for the long run.

    When you shop with us, you’re supporting us directly, and we see every like, follow, comment and purchase as an opportunity to learn and grow. To drive real, enduring change in our industry.