Welcome to a new wave of truly inclusive clothing

AXB The Label is proudly sized for all humans. Our collection of fashionable, timeless clothing pieces are designed for every body. We make quality clothes which celebrate your style, your strength and your sense of self.

Real fashion for real bodies

At AXB The Label, we believe everyone is worthy of looking great, feeling fantastic and having access to a wardrobe of well made, durable clothing. Size truly is just a number, and we’re here to make sure the one printed on your tag doesn’t stand in the way of you showing the world how awesome you truly are.


Somewhere along the line, it became accepted that big guys should pay more just because our clothes require more fabric.

Instead of celebrating us as strong, capable humans, shopping is a demeaning experience which leaves us missing out on opportunities to express ourselves. 

Having spent a life experiencing first hand the disparity between ‘average’ and ‘big’ guys, we decided we were tired of the problem. So we became the solution.


This is Men's style on a real scale

Everyone deserves access to our premium, timeless pieces and our commitment to providing that to our community underpins everything we do. That is why our styles are stocked in as broad a size range as possible: XS-5XL. On the same rack, for the same price. And if we don’t have your size, we invite you to contact us so we can get it in for you! (Did we mention, we don't charge for going large?)



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